Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Avoid the Pitfalls of Cleaning

If you put off your housecleaning until the last moment, you’re not alone. The world is full of procrastinating cleaners. We all have different reasons for putting off our housecleaning. We are busy with work, kids and life in general. Some of us enjoy a clean house but don’t enjoy the amount of work that goes along with it. If we don’t have the proper tools as well, housework can be a complicated task. Those of us who have tried to sweep rugs instead of vacuum them due to a broken vacuum understand just how important having the right tool is! So what is your procrastination excuse?

Excuse #1 - I don’t have time! Yes, you do! Make time by cutting corners where you can and apply Speed Cleaning Rules to your entire life. Remember, Speed Cleaning isn’t about rushing through it, but rather about managing your time and motions in a way that maximizes results in as little time as possible. Do you wander aimlessly up and down the grocery store isles instead of making a list? Is a lack of household organization holding you back? Small changes in your life can lead to dramatic results in time management ability. Applying Speed Cleaning principles to your life as well as your cleaning virtually guarantees you to have enough time to clean with time left over to enjoy yourself.

Excuse #2 I don’t always have the right tools. This is the perfect excuse, right? If you don’t have laundry soap, you can forgo the wash. Vacuum broke? Just ignore the crumbs on the carpets. Only, when you are down to your last clean outfit and the dust bunny colony has taken over your floors you begin realize this may not have been the best excuse. Give your vacuum needed maintenance and repairs – you’ll thank yourself in the long run. No need to stock up on every cleaner in the store to be well prepared. Figure out which tools and cleaners work for you and make sure you have them on hand. Don’t be afraid to improvise if needed – but you’re better apt to be prepared than to let this excuse drive your house into cleaning’s worst nightmare.

Excuse #3I just don’t like to clean! Whether you love it or hate it - it has got to get done! Cleaning is a state of mind. The more you dread it, put it off and harbor ill feelings toward it, the more of a challenge it is going to be. Here are a few simple things you can do to help motivate you when it comes to cleaning:

Visualization: Your house is a mess. Dishes are piled up, stuff is scattered everywhere. It is hard to find motivation with such a mess in front of you. At this point, as you find your will to clean about to give up, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine your house, sparkling clean and how good it makes you feel. Tell yourself how easy it was to get there and how fast you accomplished it. Positive thinking is always the best route when facing a challenge.

Talk to Yourself: As you clean, tell yourself what you are going to do. Affirming actions in an upbeat manner can get you revved up for action. Tell yourself, “I am going to tackle these dishes” with gusto and you’ll find yourself geared up for success!

Challenge Yourself: Follow Speed Cleaning Rule 11: ‘Keep track of your time’. Give yourself little rewards for beating your fastest time. Trying to beat your best time creates energy and motivation.

Turn On Some Music: Dust off your CD player and put on some motivating music. Upbeat, happy and fun music can lift your mood while you clean. You can gear yourself up by creating a cleaning play list on your MP3 or ipod player. Burn a CD of songs you know get your motor running and ready for cleaning.

Exercise: With sedate day jobs and a hectic life little is left in our schedule for exercise. Instead of wasting gas money and membership fees on the gym, make your cleaning routine your exercise routine. Cleaning up burns calories and upping the pace of your cleaning can serve as a great cardio workout. Instead of spending aimless time walking on a treadmill, burn the same amount of calories straightening up your space!

Make it a group effort: Cleaning as a family is a healthy way to come together as a team. You’ll reap the benefits of teaching your children that messes may be easy to make but not as easy to clean up, serving as encouragement to be tidier.

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